Springtime Playlist

1. The Doors- Been Down So Long
2. The Strokes- Last Nite
3. Vampire Weekend- Hannah Hunt
4. Led Zeppelin- Good Times Bad Times
5. The Who - La-La-La-Lies
6. The Beatles - I've Just Seen a Face
7. Jake Bugg- Slumville Sunrise
8. Arctic Monkeys - Mad Sounds
9. Nirvana- Love Buzz
10. The Allman Brothers Band- Midnight Rider
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Rock en Seine, Saint-Cloud, 22.08.2014


"Please allow me to introduce myself, i’m a man of wealth and taste" 


Interviewer: "What is your favorite track on the album?"

Kurt Cobain: "I think I like ‘Territorial Pissings’ the best. It’s just an ode to women and my appreciation of them. Not just because I like to have relationships with them sexually, but as a whole, as people. I think they deserve a lot more credit than they get."

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Yellow Submarine (1968), The Beatles